Friday, March 27

Take it slow

We have some friends who are scuba divers. They have told us that every diver is taught that if you go deep and stay for a while, you shouldn’t come to the surface quickly or you will regret it. The pressure you are subjected to down deep will cause nitrogen to dissolve into your bloodstream. Coming up quickly will not allow that nitrogen to be released gradually through your breath. Instead it causes bubbles in your blood, a condition called the bends which is painful, possibly lethal.

With this in mind, we took the most gradual route out of Death Valley, after being as deep as 282 feet, and staying for days, not hours. As a result we suffered no adverse effects. During all the time we were there, we never spotted even one sign along the roads warning of this possible hazard. The government needs to put more attention on protecting the public.


Pat said...

In regards to the Fordson's Snow Machine, I bet no one uses it any more because the driver would have to wear a business suit, long sleeved white shirt, and a Fedora.

If a woman used it (heaven forbid!) she would have to dress in pantyhose, high heels and a becoming hat.

That's my theory.

Susan said...

Yes, Aunt Pat, I do see what you mean. That must explain it.

Glad no one got the bends today in Death Valley. Even the name of that place should have put you on alert, you know. It's too subtle to be effective I guess.