Monday, March 16

A spotless sun

For the first time in about a hundred years, the sun is really really quiet. Coronal Mass Ejections, commonly occurring several times a DAY, are now occurring maybe once a MONTH. Without those ejections, there isn’t much energy blasted toward earth, and we could get a little colder as a result, despite the warnings of warble gloaming.

Every eleven years there’s a change in the activity of the sun, going from lots of sunspots (magnetic eruptions) to few sunspots. We are now experiencing a time when the number of sunspots should be increasing, but there are few to none. Today’s picture shows a very smooth, undisturbed solar surface.

I think it’s time to start hoarding dried beans. And canned tuna. Who knows what’s in store for we humans? Oh yeah: stock up on flashlight batteries and toothpaste. And wrapping paper in case you’re planning on gifting your dear friends. New shoes would be nice. And a haircut. Fresh orange juice is unbeatable, made from real oranges you just picked from a tree in your own yard. They look just like little suns.

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