Friday, March 20

Encountering a geezer

Luke and Hilary were innocently hiking up Mosaic Canyon when they encountered one of those old 49er types, the guy on the right. Old 49er types are people who cling to the impossible hope of finding gold. They usually only have some hardtack, dried pork, salt, a burro and maybe a whole lot of whisky; they have the impossible dream of finding the next eldorado. Since the old geezer looked kind of like Hilary’s dad, they agreed to pose for a photo with him. Then he asked for some money to fund his search for gold. Since they had left their wallets in the pickup far below, he asked for their credit card numbers, social security numbers, mother's maiden names and other silly stuff, which they willingly invented on the spot and gave to him, seeing that he was simply stupid and only did that to look sophisticated.

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