Tuesday, March 17

Today is the REAL Saint Patrick’s Day

On last weekend’s post, I called March 14 Saint Patrick’s day (since corrected). My fact checker, Karla, let it slip. I think she was so intrigued by the superbly written content of the rest of the post that she overlooked the error. So I’m going to recruit our cat, Raven, for fact checking. At least he never misses the time he should be fed (which is always). Well, maybe he’s not up to the job either. He doesn’t know much of the English language except for the words “meow” and “rr-r-r.” There are some pretty consistent and wise wild creatures around here, for example the ravens who show up every morning for their daily ration of dry dog food. But they’re shy about computers. Montgomery, the squirrel, doesn’t do vowels, preferring to say things like Chk! and Grr-rr-k! Not much help there. It’ll be a while before the rattlesnakes come out of their dens, so they’re not a year-round source of help. The raccoons ate all the goldfish before I could determine the fishes’ abilities to do fact checking. As for the raccoons, they’re out because of their innate nastiness; they would approve an erroneous post just to spite me. I’m not sure what to do—except maybe simply submit the unchecked posts and let the readers provide feedback. But then the errors are out there in the blogosphere and subject to ridicule and derision. Oh well, I’ve got a tough exterior and the brickbats will bounce off. Inside though, I’m just a little puppy made of soft creamy vanilla custard, subject to irreversible damage to my psyche. Open, vulnerable—the most desired target of meanies, who will dump on me mercilessly. Wow. Makes me want to quit and hide, or maybe do more rigorous fact checking on my own.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for your feedback! You are such good readers!


Praying Horse said...

Some of us were simply obsessed with the notion of more pie! Or something.

Susan said...

It was St Patrick's Day yesterday here.