Thursday, April 9


The prices of many newspapers are being adjusted upward. But the good ole Fresno Bee is going the other way, according to the sticker on the newspaper dispenser. But there’s a problem: It says USE ANY COIN COMBINATION, then it says DO NOT USE PENNIES, and NO CHANGE GIVEN. How do I put in three-quarters of a cent unless I use a penny? They can keep the change; I won’t quibble about a quarter of a cent. So I fed in coin after coin till it finally opened and I got my paper. I wasn’t counting, but think I may have put in a hundred times the advertised price! What a rip! That’s a lot of money for stove kindling, or fish wrap, or bird cage liner.


Praying Horse said...

Those darn decimal points!

Tom Hurley said...

Decimal! That’s the word I was looking for. I was thinking it was a dot, period, or full stop.