Saturday, April 11

A followup to the previous blog

At Florence Lake we had a buried gasoline tank that had been in the ground since the late 1940s. The State of California knew in its heart that underground tanks were leaking ghastly toxics and destroying the planet, so they required that they be removed. The time came when our tank had to be dug up. A bevy of bureaucrats assembled at the lake, representing at least five really important government agencies, to witness the exhumation of our tank. A tractor with a backhoe dug down and uncovered the object of vilification. Since it was buried in a place that was well drained, there was minimal rust on the tank. As it was pulled out of the ground it looked sound. The original red lead paint (omigosh! Red Lead!) was intact. There were no holes. No leaks. It was given the sacramental wash and triple rinse, the residue captured in sanitized drums on the rinse truck. It would be taken to the sacred site of purification and detoxified. The Planet Would Be Saved.

The result? A perfectly good tank was wasted. We had to put in a new, very expensive 17,000-pound concrete-encased above-ground tank. The new tank had to be bullet proof (literally) and fireproof (literally) and vandal proof (literally) and subject to any whim of any bureaucrat who hates people who make money in a practice other than bureaucracy.

Thanks, California.


Pete S. said...

Well, at least the death toll from toxins will be lower. Have you noticed fewer people dying in and around the store yet?

Tom Hurley said...

The death rate in the area has not changed one little bit. So much for bureaucratic life-saving!