Wednesday, February 3

Aw-w-w. How cute!

Karla with Tajer and Holbrook/Amoré/Bugsy/Apollo/Fang

Sierra Summer

I just HAD to share some pix of the young’ns. Karla and I went looking for them and there they were on a hillside down toward the lower 240. Trying to get them all together for a group shot wasn’t going to be worth the effort, so I divided them up between two pictures instead. These three foals were taken from their moms when about six months old up there in chilly Canada and hauled down to Arizona where we bought them, along with one more, and brought them home. The fourth, Gillie, went to a neighbor down the road a piece. They are the offspring of what are called Premarin mares (Google the phrase and be ready to get sick). Every year a few of the thousands of these little guys and gals get rescued by big-hearted horse lovers like us, but most are sold by the pound to slaughterhouses and appear in truly vile French cuisine and dog food (how do you tell the two apart? — the dog food is cheaper).

In spite of these horses’ independence (we see them only occasionally as they wander the hills in search of adventure), they are still very friendly and can tolerate all kinds of human contact without biting us. The dark one with Karla, Tajer, has hair that stands on end and feels like incredibly plush velvet. The palomino’s name is not yet chosen. Help me here to pick between Karla’s choice of either Holbrook (the Arizona town where we got him), Amoré, Bugsy, or Apollo, and my choice: Fang.

Fang will probably lose and to satisfy my need to be contrary I’ll have to settle for getting a pet rattlesnake and naming it Fluffy.


Agneta and David said...

I am partial to the name of the horse in the movie "Lonely Are the Brave". WHISKY. Or maybe the horse from the movie "Dances with Wolves" CISCO. Or perhaps MISTY from the movie of the same name.

There you go three more names to confuse you a little more.


Praying Horse said...

Hmm. I kind of think that Holbrook sounds like an accountant with an egg-stained tie.

I'm kind of partial to Apollo.

Tom Hurley said...

David! You’re only making things more difficult! But Whisky sounds really good. Especially in the evening sitting out on the point watching the sunset. Oh, wait—you mean that should be a horse name. Never mind.

Praying Horse, our accountant never wears a tie, egg stained or not, in our presence at least. However, he does wear round-neck t-shirts when he should be wearing v-neck t-shirts. But whoever said CPAs are fashion trendsetters?

HHhorses said...

I think you should just name him Fang.