Sunday, February 14

Crazy surfers

The picture is modified using Photoshop from a photo that appeared in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle. Daughter Hilary was asking for advice in drawing water that a surfer would ride; she’s designing a label for Blind Dog Coffee that will show her dog, Sioux, on a surf board. The last label the dog appeared on showed her in a hot air balloon watching a horseman lassoing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That dog gets around!

I had suggested using Photoshop to modify a photo into something that would be easier to use to make a drawing, and this photo turned out so neat I thought it could do double duty as a blog topic.

The Mavericks is a contest for world-class surfers that happens when the waves near Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco get to gargantuan proportions. Today I guess they were near 50 feet, 15 meters in height. Some lucky guy walked away with a $50,000 prize, while some spectators on shore got to go to the hospital with broken bones after being knocked to the rocks below by the enormous waves.

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