Tuesday, February 9

Homage to gaudiness

Every year we go to the San Francisco International Gift Fair to find stuff to sell in our store at Florence Lake. One of the must-buy items is a really gaudy mirror for our customers to use when they select a hat from our hat tree. In the back of the store there’s a driftwood log, actually a whole tree, with its limbs festooned with hats. Customers always want to see how their chosen hat looks on their heads, so we have a mirror nearby. And every year, someone buys the mirror.

In the past the we’ve had mirrors from Mexico, Indonesia, Nepal and Nairobi. This year’s mirrors are from who knows where (we didn’t have time to check for the origin), but they’re outrageous enough to qualify. We got two of them since we know the first will probably sell too soon to be replaced, which has happened in the past. The idea is you’d better get to the store quickly or you won’t know how your hat will look on you until you get out to check it in the rear view mirror in your car!

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