Wednesday, February 17


Go see Avatar. Wow. Don’t listen to the elitist snobs who say it’s nice, but tells a shallow tale. They’re just revealing their inability to go with the flow and accept a version of reality that’s outside their closed little realm. The acting is powerful. The characters totally believable. The effects awesome. This is James Cameron’s masterpiece of excellence in scope, nuance, and detail. Even though the bulk of the film was created using computer graphics, the rendering of the characters is literally impossible to tell from flesh and blood. The scenery is out of this world, but at the same time you just know it exists somewhere.

See it at an IMAX theater. If you know someone with a weak heartbeat, take him or her because the sound alone will turbocharge that ticker. The floor didn’t shake, but the seats sure did. It’s like the wildest amusement park ride you ever survived.

The 3-D glasses aren’t cheesy cardboard, either, but high-class plastic. And they tell us they’re washed and disinfected for each new showing. The bright yellow frames did clash with my shirt, but nobody was rude enough to mention it.

Not to name-drop, but we knew Giovanni Ribisi’s parents from our days in Hollywood. About the time he was born, in fact. He’s one of the main characters in the film. Just sayin’. Oh, and a good friend of ours invented DTS, the sound system that makes it worthwhile to even go to a movie. Just sayin’.

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