Monday, July 12


The last true multi-dimensional invertible reversible palindromic year. Imagine—you can read it backward and forward, you can invert it, you can mirror-image it. You can do anything with it and it still reads 1881. No more perfect palindromic number was ever conceived. Well, maybe 11 or 101 or 181 or 1001 and others, but who remembers those years?

The year 1881 has historical significance. It’s inscribed on the façades of many 129-year-old buildings. It’s going to be a very long time before another perfect palindromic year comes along. You see, it takes ones and zeroes and eights to make multi-palindromic numbers. And we’re not going to be seeing a year like that again until 8008. That’s a long way off; I doubt that too many of us will be witnessing that event. I plan to be elsewhere by then, and I and my spirit buddies probably won’t care about numerals, just lots of laughter.

Hm-m-m—palindromic humor. I’ll have to work on that idea, where the punchline precedes and follows the premise without giving itself away. This could take awhile.…


Agneta and David said...

Knowing you it will take NO time at all! N

HHhorses said...

Only you think of these things! We appreciate this window into your mind.

Actually, Benjamin thinks of these things too but he can't verbalize them yet.