Sunday, July 25

Meteor crater found using Google Earth

Kamil Crater in Egypt

How amazing—here’s a meteor crater that wasn’t discovered before? It took Google Earth and some inquisitive searchers to find it? Egypt isn’t all that big, and people have been looking for buried cities, pyramids, necropolises, and all that ancient stuff and never found a whole big honkin’ meteor crater? Unbelievable!

Meteor crater in Arizona, at the exact end of the road!

It reminds me of the time I traveled the short road off Interstate 40 to the Meteor Crater in Arizona. The crater was amazing, for sure, but what really impressed me is that the meteor crashed into the earth at the exact end of the road! Sure saved a lot of money building a whole new road to the crater for tourists and oglers to travel. Serendipity, I guess.


HHhorses said...

You know, I've wondered for years when you were going to blog about that crater at the end of the road!

I've been waiting.

Susan said...

I wonder if it was a meteor that crashed into our roof this week. We lost the corner of one of our roofing tiles too. It's the time of year for meteor showers.

Tom Hurley said...

HHHorses: Was it worth the wait?

Susan: Use Google Earth to look for a crater under the roof.

RicoLisi0802志竹 said...