Friday, November 5

Delivery of more stuff

A pallet-load of concrete is placed in our “barn” for use tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain, that is). That was the first load to come off a truck driven up from Loew’s in Fresno with some of the essential parts for our new barn compound.

Next, a thick stack of steel roofing is offloaded. The fork lift truck is so amazingly maneuverable—all the wheels are powered, the back wheel is the main steering wheel, but the front wheels can be turned 90° so it can crawl sideways like a crab.

It seems unbelievable that a truck this long (28', 8.5 meters wheelbase) can get to our place, what with the tight curves and narrow gates on the road.

The delivery driver, Dennis, turns out to be an old acquaintance, the husband of the owner of The Horse Connection in Smallville.

We followed the truck out, noting that the nastiest curve/gate/bad deep gutter place on the road makes even the pro drivers have to back up and re-try getting through. This is a place that begs for a combination of culvert, ditch-fill and gate widening in order to get through. We’ll have to get ahold of the creator of the fence in that place, an absentee owner who only occasionally flies his plane up from southern California to shoot guns and play safari hunter. Dennis made it through with only one backup maneuver.

Tomorrow we’ll be lifting some of the roofing up to Loren to lay out on the rafters. Rain is predicted for the weekend, so we aren’t sure how much work will get done. Stay tuned.

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