Thursday, November 11

Roof extends eastward

The past few days have not been blogworthy, visually speaking. Mostly details, tweaking and tiny stuff. Today more dramatic progress was made as the eastward roof overhang was pushed out on temporary supports. Tomorrow we’ll pour the concrete piers for permanent supports. Earlier this morning I finished welding the reinforcing steel and hold-down bolts together (after Karla and I spent about an hour fixing the wire-feed welder!) for said supports.

Another view of the eastward roof and the reason to have an eastward roof: the ranch’s luggage/garbage boat pictured to the left. Yesterday Karla and I picked the boat up from the manufacturer where it had been for several weeks getting its keel reinforced (for the last twenty years it had been driven up onto too many granite shores at the lake and was nearly worn through) and its deck replaced with a gorgeous new deck. We plan to park the fast passenger ferry (at the left in the top picture) between the two trailers, and the luggage boat under the extended roof. Finally—we are treating them both with the respect they deserve during their winter storage! The big ferry boat has its own building at the lake where it’s kept during the winter. Lucky boat.

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