Wednesday, November 3


For decades these two wheels from a mining cart have been lying around outside the house. Kinda neat, but more than they appear to be. To see them only as rusty cast iron relics from a distant past would be to short-change their true calling. If you strike them with a hard object they produce two different tones: Ding dong, a perfect third in the key of A flat, two octaves above middle C. Think of the first two notes of the spiritual, “Swing low, sweet Chariot” and you’ll know what I’m saying.

Also, think the two notes of nearly every doorbell chime in America.

Voila! These two old pieces of metal will become the doorbell in our new house. Now that’s repurposing!

Musical illustration from Wikipedia


Agneta and David said...

hmmmm.......... or is it do, re or me? N

Susan said...

just how many traveling salesmen do you exoect will ring those bells?

HHhorses said...

Where the hell did you find a pine tree?

Tom Hurley said...

HHhorses: It’s the tree in the pot at the end of the wooden walkway.
Susan: The nice thing about living behind five gates is that we don’t have traveling salesmen.
Neta: It’s just ding, dong.