Tuesday, November 2


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This morning I was fascinated to see the Astronomy Picture of the Day showing what are called spicules on the sun. They are pipes of hot gas, as long as the earth is wide and as big around as a whole state (Rhode Island? Texas? They didn’t say.)

Wet hair on Geronimo, The World’s Greatest Horse

Drawing by Vincent van Gogh after his painting, The Starry Night

The solar photo reminded me of a picture I took of Geronimo’s hair after a rainstorm, and a drawing Vincent van Gogh made from his painting, The Starry Night. Click on the photo of the sun to enlarge it, then click again on the enlargement to make it even bigger. But don’t overdo it; you could eventually make it life-size, fall into one of the pipes, and be consumed by the hot gas.

Spicules: Jets on the Sun, Astronomy Picture of the Day;
Credit: K. Reardon (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, INAF) IBIS, DST, NSO.
Van Gogh drawing: Wikipedia

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Susan said...

Just reading the caption on Van Gogh's painting. Was that the one he made after he cut off his ear? The caption would make sense then.