Saturday, November 13

More barn roof

Yesterday and today were days in which more things seemed to happen to get the job done.

Plumb, level, square. Note the plumb bob right exactly on top of the hold-down bolt on the pillar-to-be that will hold up the roof overhang support posts.

Loren, middle, says “Here’s how the pros do it Tom” as his helper, Eddie, looks on.

Eddie says “Get your last look at the sky from there,” before the metal roof sheets go on.

Detail work took a lot of time on this project. Here is some of it.

The view from up the hill showing the lower part of the roof sheathed in metal. Karla and I will pour more concrete tomorrow, finishing off the support pillars for the remainder of the roof. Loren and Eddie will return in December for more rafters, cross supports, and the last 20 or so feet (6 meters) of metal roofing.

Photos (most of them): Karla Hurley

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HHhorses said...

Rare photos of our elusive blogger! Great! Project looks great too!