Wednesday, December 22

Big interesting ants

Ants are very interesting creatures, especially big ones. The little ants seem to be mostly concerned about defending territory. Red ants are especially nasty, biting and stinging if humans invade their space.

Carpenter ants, rampant around here, are big ants. Body length of a half inch is average. They seem contemplative, not especially interested in only getting food as other, smaller ants do. Carpenters are interested in exploration. Tonight one of them was exploring my keyboard. She checked out several of the keys, focussing her interest on the ones near the center of the keyboard. It was almost as if she wanted me to find her and notice her interest. Of course, I did. I slid a piece of paper under her from the center (around the thgyu keys) to deposit her on the 56&*( keys. She responded by dashing back to the huji area of the keyboard.

What am I to do? Let her roam the areas where I could, in normal typing, crush her? If she roamed off to the numeric keypad of 456+ and other keys, she’d be safe. But hanging around in the asdf or qwerty areas she’d be putting her life in danger.

I was writing another blog about perspective. The word, perspective, brought to mind the wholeness of life on earth. Carpenter ants may be eating my house into ruin; the logs are full of them. But they are, after all, very interesting creatures. And here is one of them prancing around on the keyboard I use to write my blog. She seems to be saying that she has the right to exist here too. She is very calm and cool. I sense a presence of diplomacy. I darned near feel that we could have a conversation.

I am going to sleep on it. If I get bitten the deal is off.

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Susan said...

Maybe she is just trying to stay on higher ground to avoid possible flooding.

Take care with that huge storm coming. I hope everyone is alright over there.