Wednesday, December 1

“Let’s see, what do I want to be?”

Even at the tender age of just over one-half year, Ben is mulling over his career choices.

Learning to crawl brings with it responsibilities as well as opportunities. As soon as he perfects this “crawling” thing, it’s time to explore some more.

Meanwhile, there are lots of little domestic chores to hone his skills. (By the way, Hilary doesn’t wear contacts; I’m just not a very imaginative caption writer.)


Susan said...

How about.....

Wups! Cold tiles on the tummy sure are a big surprise!

Man, I'm sure glad Mom keeps this floor so nice and clean for me to do my calisthenics anytime I want!

(Wouldn't it be great to know what he is really thinking?)

HHhorses said...

He's actually thinking "Ba-ba-ba-ba-bah," at least that's what he said!

Susan said...

Of course! Why didn't I think of that! Thanks for clearing that up for me, Hilary.