Saturday, December 11

For my readers in Sweden

You guys in the way north get to see some of the most amazing phenomena in the sky. Here is a picture from the Web site today, taken in Stockholm. Auroras, midnight suns—nifty stuff. We mere mortals here in California only get to see things like, if we’re lucky, a sun dog. Yay. But we do see things like wild pigs, turkeys, ground squirrels. Red clay. Moles. Mold. Plastic bags. Gridlock. Smog.

Oh yeah, and Sharon Stone. Angelina Jolie. Things are looking up. Hey you Swedes, enjoy the nippy weather.

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Agneta and David said...

Ahh the nippy weather. We do get to see moose, pheasants, wild pigs, geese, swans, and hawks. I do miss the wild turkeys, peacocks, the tall pines, and the mountains.