Sunday, December 19

Halfway there?

The gauge holds up to 11" (280 mm) of rain at a time.

Right now we have received a hefty 3.45" (88 mm) of rain from the series of storms coming in off the Pacific ocean. The early predictions were for double or even four times that much, which just might happen by the time this storm passes.

The current satellite image shows that it stretches out westward clear past Hawaii. So far the rain has been steady, with a few bursts of energy along with plenty of strong wind. I get the feeling that we’re gonna get a whole bunch of new firewood candidates. These wind/rain events usually topple a few trees. Time to sharpen the chain saws.

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Susan said...

Oh wow. That's some cloud band! It is still stormy here, and the clouds have been more or less encircling Australia lately. Four states here have flood alerts/problems. People are being rescued from their roofs in some parts (not where we are though. We're safe).

I hope you can get enough firewood in to weather the storms and wind. You'll have a cozy Christmas I guess.