Thursday, December 30

Last feeding of the decade? You decide.

The battle rages on—when does a decade start and end? Many people see 2010 as the end of the decade that started with 2000. Problem is, though, that the last year of the 2000 decade was actually 2009. If the decade started with a zero, doesn’t the next one start with a zero?

Anyway, I’ll leave it to you to fight it out. I am a bit too pacifistical to engage in such bloody warfare.

Meanwhile, Susan in Australia had a nice idea—she said she just stopped by to feed the hamster and the fish. Isn’t that nice? I invite all my readers to do the same. It takes only a few seconds and with the hamster feeding, you can do some fancy tossing of the feed to make it bounce off the walls and floor and if you’re of a sadistic bent, you can click, then quickly drag your cursor to the edge of the frame and beyond, making the food pellet stick to the edge out of reach of the hamster. He/she will stare at it, probably salivating, even palpitating, for hours (assuming you have the patience to continue your tempting torture). But as a practical matter, feed costs are supposed to rise and I would really appreciate it if my readers use the food now stockpiled and starting to age beyond its use by date. Soon my expenses may rise to the extent that I have to sell the gopher—excuse me—hamster (or turn it into cat food), and eat some of the fish to save some dough.

But enough of my fiscal concerns. To all, have a wonderful New Year!

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