Saturday, February 19


Another odd day. I awoke to see big flakes of snow falling. None were sticking too well around the house, but up the hill there was plenty. The radio spoke of snow in the Bay Area as low as 2700-foot (825 meter) Mt. Tamalpais and even Berkeley.

Only a week ago it was shirtsleeve weather, and you could easily work up a sweat on even a moderate hike. Poor trees. They don’t know what to do. The leaves that had emerged on the oak trees a couple of months ago have already died and fallen off. Climate change has a really bad effect on migrating birds since they depend on length of daylight to determine when to move north or south, while the insects they count on being there for them depend more on temperature to tell them when to hatch. The birds arrive to find that the bug larvae have already departed.

The raven in this photo doesn’t worry though. He and his mate simply follow us wherever we go, knowing that at the end of the trip there will probably be either a handful of grain or some dry dog food kibbles to keep them happy. Snow, schmoe; climate, schmimate—big deal! We’re ravens!

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