Friday, February 18

Masters of the Universe chow down with the Prez

You can go here for a picture big enough to fill your computer screen that was taken yesterday when the president met with a whole passel of high-tech mucky-mucks at a private home near San Francisco . (Click the link under the photo.) President Obama is flanked by Apple’s Steve Jobs to his left, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to his right. Straight across the table is Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who is looking forward to devastating any competition in the upcoming America’s Cup race to be held in San Francisco Bay. Absent is Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Intel’s Paul Otellini. Otellini will be meeting the president in Oregon today and giving him a tour of Intel’s new factory there. Why did Intel put an expensive new facility in Oregon instead of Silicon Valley? Simple. California is no longer a good place to do business, says Paul. The president aims to correct that. Good luck.

Photo credit: The White House

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