Monday, February 21

Spell it any way you want

I have never seen the name of a world leader spelled so many ways. I read a news article on Yahoo! News about Moamer Kadhafi. The New York Times says it’s Muammar el-Qaddafi. Los Angeles Times: Moammar Kadafi. CNN: Gadhafi. Al Jazeera: Gaddafi.

Years ago National Lampoon had an article on the many ways to spell the name of the Libyan (or is it Lybian? or Libbyun? or Liberal?) leader. Of course they took it to extremes and claimed that there were dozens of ways to spell the name. Including, if I recall correctly, Gadfly, Krakpotty, Goofy, Kuppacoffee, and even Chicago.

Imagine! How many ways can the world spell Obama? Let me guess — Obomber, Obambi, Oblivious, Obese. O well, at least they all start with O.


Pat said...

Hey How big does that make you feel?Tom, have you seen the AstroPix of star size comparisons? Puts us in our place I would say.

Pat said...

Sorry my previous comment got so garbled. Makes me feel even less important!

Pete S. said...

Information about the true spelling of his name could be gained if we can find a photo of the monogram embroidered on his bathrobe. Is it a G or a K? Do his bathrobes all carry the same letter, or is he too uncertain about the spelling?

I feel sorry for the guy. His rank has been stuck at Colonel for a very long time. Will that promotion ever come through? It's probably tied up in a bureaucratic logjam.

Tom Hurley said...

He doesn't embroider his name on his bathrobe because as supreme leader, he owns ALL bathrobes and doesn't need to. Besides, it would be in Arabic script anyway, he's so vain.