Thursday, February 24

What’s next?

Today Apple introduced a bunch of new MacBook Pro computers, their high-end portables. Apple is the first computer maker to incorporate what they call Thunderbolt, a super-fast way to connect computers to other things in order to transfer stuff so fast it will blow your socks off.

I was on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise during one of the many air shows we put on for foreign dignitaries on our world cruise in 1964. A Vigilante jet flew over us at 500 feet altitude and maybe 1,000 miles per hour and the sonic boom blew not only socks but shoes off of everyone there. Since I was standing on a catwalk beside the flight deck, my shoes flew overboard, falling 90 feet to the ocean below. I successfully sued for shoe replacement but had to settle for no sock replacement since the captain said everyone should have known that their socks would be blown off and should have prepared by wearing their oldest, crappiest socks. He hadn’t counted on the shoes being blown off since the Vigilante was only supposed to be going 800 miles per hour, not 1,000.

Apple now has a lead in using this Intel Light Peak technology and is many months, maybe even a year, ahead of competitors. What’s next? My money is on Vulcan Mind Meld.

Photo credits: Apple Inc., Wikipedia

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