Monday, January 16


Lookee here at this beautiful forecast. We are so parched here the air is crunchy. Over the weekend Yosemite National Park was advertising on the radio for people to come up and leave the tire chains at home—all the roads are free of snow for the first time since 1933. Skate on the lakes and ponds. Heck, even go out on the ice and have a picnic since it was warm and sunny and you won’t get your picnic blanket all dirty.

This morning I heard on a San Francisco radio station that people should prepare for pounding rain. Pounding! I hope it doesn’t all come in at once then run off before soaking in. Nice and gentle. Take your time, clouds. Just come in and park here for awhile. Free parking, we promise.

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Susan said...

Oh, I hope it pounds you good. Meanwhile, we are receiving flood warnings and admonitions abotu walking/swimming in flood water....not as bad s last year's horrendous floods but still very WET. Can't get the clothes dry outside today.