Wednesday, January 18

Let them know…

 I use both Google and Wikipedia almost daily. Today they’re black in protest of the US legislators’ wish to mollify their campaign contributors in the movie and music industries by passing legislation that supposedly will end piracy of movies and music. The legislation will supposedly keep people from getting to the suspected sites by redirecting them to another address. This is dangerous because over time, the government can use their powers of redirection to keep people off any sites they deem unsavory. Censorship of expression, in other words.
Governments always start with the vilification of those people or ideas who are in disfavor with the majority of people. Get everyone’s agreement that the targets are bad, then ask for the power to silence them. That’s the first step. Anyone remember how the government made avoiding income taxes a criminal offense by getting everyone to agree that Al Capone, the Mafia boss, should go to jail for it? Now anyone can be tossed in jail.

Go here and sign the petition to stop SOPA and PIPA. Remind your “representatives” in the House that we outnumber them by 700,000 to 1.

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Susan said...

I hear they will be able to censor international sites as well and take them down. I don't know if that is true but if it is... What?? The USA is going to be in charge of the whole world's cyber media now??? For example I understand that a website that posts a link for someone to follow (or if a forum member posts a link) and that link takes you to a site that is in breach of the copyright law in some way, every site that linked to that site will be closed down.