Wednesday, January 18

More bad legislation

Watch this speech called Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea), a TED presentation by New York University adjunct professor of the interactive telecommunications program, Clay Shirky. The crux of the abomination called SOPA occurs about 9:30 in and is concluded at about 11 minutes in, when he says you’re guilty till proven innocent.
Much like the gift from our president two weeks ago when he signed (admittedly with reservations about parts of it) the act called NDAA where any person, citizen or not, if suspected of being a terrorist, can be locked up (by the US military!) and won’t get to consult a lawyer or go before a judge. Just shut up and stay in prison till you rot. You’re guilty. The president says so. Period.

Now, let’s define terrorist—could it be anyone who opposes the will of the president or the legislature or the courts and is therefore a threat to the United States? Anyone who broadcasts their opposition on the Internet via a blog or a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet?  Hm-m-m.


Agneta and David said...

Just to let you know that we are also in agreement with your sentiments in your last two posts. It is so easy for these laws to slip by and over the years, a few more, and a few more. That is what I see has been happening here in Sweden.

Daffy said...

I'm somewhat out of the loop here for US domestic issues; but as is said ..these effect the planet; and are frightening.Using jingo-istic emotive phrases like piracy...stealing....TERRORIST...unpatriotic to mask the reality...which is the formation of a police really frightening. 30 years ago we all had a perceived enemy...the eastern block; the USSR...well, now that's all swept away...and good riddance...but it seems we need an "evil empire' to fight against; or we ourselves become that empire...disturbing days we live in...I do NOT envy my son....