Sunday, March 18

More weather than you can shake a stick at!

Today we had more weather than I’ve seen in years. Springtime always brings surprises as the earth goes through the convulsions of change. We woke up to snow, then the sun came out, then it hailed, then sleet fell, then it rained, the sun came out then it got colder and hailed again. Oh yeah, there was some thunder. So far, no fog, though I can see it down near the river.

As I write this, there is a great big gray wall of something coming at us. Who knows what it is? Could it be a combination of all the aforementioned: Snail, Hoe, Reet, Flunder, Rog, Snain? There’s got to be a word for so much happening all at once. I’ll have to look that up.

Update: The big gray wall arrived. It’s Snaining.

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