Saturday, March 31

Off to the county seat…again

We got a letter from the county telling us of the proposal to name our road. If we don’t agree with the proposed name, we have to contact them within a couple of weeks. That’s nice.

We have to hustle down to the county seat again on Monday in order to give them money for a permit to put in a septic tank at the new house site. The septic tank guy is coming Tuesday, and can’t do a thing without a valid permit and a county inspector. We wouldn’t have to waste more time and gasoline if the road had already been named and our overall permit for the house had been approved, which is contingent on the road being named and a street number being assigned. So it looks like until we get that overall permit, we will have to go down and buy the individual permits piecemeal. Our next action is to get a permit for a water line and another to put a pump in our well. What a pain.

Thanks, first bureaucrat in line, for telling us that naming the road was not important. It reinforces my basic philosophy that governments should never be in charge of anything important.


HHhorses said...

How does it make any sense to anybody that you have to pay all these fees to build YOUR HOUSE on YOUR LAND? It sounds like the mafia to me.

Tom Hurley said...

Governments are far more powerful than any Mafia.