Friday, March 16

On pins and needles

Oh yes, that old expression meaning you’re waiting for something to happen and tempted to think it’s already happening. I have been on those pins and needles after seeing on the weather forecast the possibility of rain. It’s been going on all week, but not quite happening. I sit in the house with my ears perked at the slightest sound of a raindrop. “There’s one!” I yell. Karla says “No, that was a bee dying and hitting the roof.”

“There’s one!” I yell. Karla says “No, that was a gnat hitting the window.”

Then I hear thunder. “There’s thunder! It’s going to rain!” Karla says, “No, that was another plane crashing into the corral. I hope it didn’t hit Pelton. I’d better go check.”

Finally, on Friday night I actually went out and stood in a pattering of a smattering of micro-drops. I am surprised they were big enough to get all the way to the ground before evaporating. It’s real rain. Not much, but the promise is that there will be HEAVY RAIN tomorrow! I can’t wait. I really need some sleep.

UPDATE: The rain is getting more intense. I hope it isn’t so loud it keeps me awake. That would be really ironic.

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