Monday, March 5

Number nine

Unbelievably, we are starting to build only the ninth house this year in the entire county. Here it is March 5 and only eight other houses are being built so far. Our house-plan-maker/contractor pointed to our provisional permit number and rolled his eyes. No wonder there are so many subcontractors willing to work for less.

When we went into the office to get a building permit, the guy at the desk asked, with a smile, “You want to build a what? A house?” When he saw the area in which we planned to build, he said “Why would you want to build there? Nobody’s building there!” referring to the palace being constructed down our road a ways from us.

We started the shelling-out of money for various people to look at our plans (or not) and put their signatures on them. That included three sets of plans of our fire sprinkler system inside the house. The fire people charge $275 to look at them (or not) and sign them off. There is a whole long list of people who have to give us their permissions and signatures for various parts of the process of building.

It sure is different from when my dad and I started our mountain house in 1954. The only permission we needed then was from ourselves as to where to put it and how big it would be. The times, they are a-changin’.


Susan said...

Congratulations on starting to build at long last! (Or not).

Tom Hurley said...

Susan, I love your sense of humor (or not).