Sunday, March 25

What a grind!

A while back I bought a new mortar and pestle. Our old one had a broken pestle, and it was too small besides. This one is huge. This morning we were using every imaginable kind of grain to put together some pancakes for breakfast. We had already-ground flours from wheat, rye, flax and corn, and decided it would be nice to add some oat flour. So I tossed a handful of rolled oats into the mortar and learned something real fast: It takes a whole lot of effort to turn even already-mashed oats into flour!

As I kept grinding and my upper arm muscles were crying out for relief, I kept asking Karla, “Is it flour yet?”

Peering at it, she’d say, “Keep grinding.” Finally after what seemed an eternity, she decided it was floury enough to be tossed into the mix. It really made me appreciate the effort it takes to grind grains into flour by hand.

Lemme at 'em!
Pardon the cell phone pictures, but I was too tired to lug out my whole big 35mm camera for the pix. Besides, that would have taken too long and I was hungry!


Susan said...

I can almost see you face reflected in that yummy looking syrup too. Mmmm, Maple syrup!

Tom Hurley said...

A few moments after the picture was taken, my face was in that syrup.