Sunday, January 2

HughesNet flops again

My new HN9000 modem and antenna installation worked for awhile, but now the set doesn’t either transmit or receive. The failure took place on Friday, and I just went back to dial-up using an external modem and the poky phone line. I haven’t even called Hughes since I don’t think I can stomach another hour-plus drudgery dealing with some uneducated untrained uncaring “technician” in India or the Philippines. Then having to wait over a week for someone to make the repairs because Hughes’ chosen local service provider won’t hire but one field technician in order to save money. Hughes doesn’t give you any credit for the downtime either.

Meanwhile I won’t be posting much to the blog since it takes too long, especially if there’s a picture.

Anybody out there know of a better satellite Internet provider? I’m ready to switch right now.


Agneta and David said...

I can't help you with a provider, but I can sympathize with your down time. A few weeks back Bosse, my cat, bit into my magnetic power cable. The cable cost me 800 crowns about $118.00. I think its about half the price in the USA.

Pete S. said...

While we're sitting around waiting for HughesNet to get its act together, I'll take this opportunity to mention that I have been clicking on the "THIS WAS:" boxes for years now to register my opinion on various posts. The counter increments and everything looks fine. But if I leave this page and then come back, the counter is back where it was before I clicked! I have been disenfranchised! Other people are apparently able to get their votes to register, but I have never been able, no matter what browser or operating system I use. Don't know if you are aware of this issue. Am I doing something wrong?

Tom Hurley said...

David: Living in socialist paradise can be expensive.

Pete S: Blame Google.