Monday, January 17

Crummy day for solar power

I hope we don’t keep getting days like this. The photo shows the entire Central Valley of California just brimming with fog. It even creeps into the foothills where we are normally immune from its blanketing effects. Maybe we should put our solar panels on really tall towers, like a couple of hundred feet. But then airplanes would crash into them, so we’d have to put blinking red lights on the towers, using all the power we get from the panels.

Bad idea unless we rent space on the towers to the phone company so they can put up cellular antennas. With that money, we could buy a bigger generator to keep everything going. But the cell antennas would provide service to only about a half dozen phones in the valley and may not provide a good return on investment. So how about WiFi antennas? Again, bad investment. I know! Nest boxes for owls! Dozens of them! That would take care of the over-abundance of mice we have. But that could starve the feral cats we love so much. Coyotes too. Maybe even snakes.

So many tradeoffs. Maybe I should just settle for putting up with occasional fog.

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