Monday, January 31

Discovering new forms of edibles

Hilary captioned this photo “Discovering rocks for the first time at the Teahouse.” Ben is finding one of the favorite foods of little kids: small, smooth rocks. Later I’m sure he’ll find one of my favorite foods when I was his age: Just Plain Dirt. Moms hate these discoveries, but hey—it’s all part of growing up. For both kids and moms.

As an aside, when Hilary bought her new camera, she ordered a very special lens. A wise choice! Look at the shallow field of focus—blurred in the foreground and everywhere behind Ben, directing the viewer’s attention to the main subject. The right lens can turn an ordinary snapshot into a work of art. Congrats, Hilary!

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HHhorses said...

Thanks for making the funding possible! (For the lens, not the rocks.)