Saturday, January 15

Gigantic black olive found in Antarctica!

Imagine the surprise caused by such an unusual sight—the world’s largest black olive totally obscuring the setting sun. This man just jumped from his chair, martini in hand, chasing after the olive to complete his after-work drink. While most martinis feature a green olive, that doesn’t work in Antarctica because the cold turns green ones black anyway (as seen above) so imbibers often substitute black olives. Since Antarctica has so few trees that can be used to make toothpicks, the olives are pierced with small penguin quills instead. Toothpicks can only be imported at great expense, and besides if you have limited cargo space in the supply plane you’d rather use it for vodka instead of toothpicks or even olives anyway.

Scientists have tried to explain this picture by calling it a solar eclipse, but we know better, don’t we?

Credit & Copyright: Fred Bruenjes (

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