Sunday, January 30

It just keeps getting crazier

NASA is supposed to help us make sense of the planets and stars and stuff. But they keep presenting weird images to confuse the issue. This picture, which looks a lot like a fungus I once dug up by accident when my metal detector said I had found a gold nugget, is Jupiter’s moon Europa. It’s supposed to be covered with water ice, and may have a liquid ocean beneath the surface. There could be life in that ocean! At least that’s what NASA says.

After studying the picture for awhile, I came to the blatantly obvious conclusion that this so-called moon is actually the solar system’s largest scoop of vanilla ice cream, laced with butterscotch drools and some chocolate sprinkles. If you look closely (click on the pix to enlarge), there are several cities located at the junctions of many of the drools. Santa Claus has made a deal with heaven — if he’s determined that you’ve been nice more often than you’ve been naughty, living on this moon is an option to walking on clouds while wearing a white robe and lugging around a heavy golden lyre after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

Now if NASA can find a “moon” consisting of lemon sorbet, I say yay.

From APOD. Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA; reprocessed by Ted Stryk


Agneta and David said...

I think it is the back of the head of George Burn's head.
That guy continues to amaze me.

Susan said...

Looks like one of those funky rice paper lamp shades to me, actually.

Tom Hurley said...

I found a dead tennis ball that the dogs had stripped of its original fuzzy covering. Kinda looked like that. Also, check out this site: for what a huge ball of string looks like.