Monday, April 2

Permission granted

This morning we went to the county seat for yet another permit. This time it’s for the septic tank. The permit only cost $525, and with it we’re allowed to dig a hole and put in a big concrete tank. We will probably also get a trench dug from said tank to where the pipes will come out of the not-yet-built house. The cost of the tank and trench aren’t included, of course. That’s an additional $5,800. Everything will be inspected and approved. Yay.

As it turns out, we will be getting the better of two county building inspectors. Not that the other inspector is bad, but she doesn’t have that much experience, and can get a little testy. The septic tank guy told us that “I trained all those inspectors,” so he’s not worried.

Also today we talked with a person at the local phone company regarding getting a phone line. What we really want is a fiber optic line so we can get blazingly fast Internet. A couple of miles down the road the phone company has optical fiber that they put in last year. We want to get connected to it, but aren’t sure who digs the two-foot-deep trench the two miles up to our house. It reminds me of when we had a piece of property in the Hollywood Hills. It was literally at the end of the road by Mulholland Dam and butted up to public land, giving us a 20,000-acre wild land back yard including all of Griffith Park without even a fence, an ideal situation if you have to live in Los Angeles and love to hike. Problem was that it didn’t have water. We got a quotation from the Metropolitan Water District to put in a 500-foot extension to their water line from the road below us. $343,000! That was over thirty years ago! And only they were allowed to do the work.

We sold the property.

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