Saturday, August 2

497 and counting…

Running out of PlastiKoils brought an end to finishing off almost 500 books; there are 87 that need the coils spun on to finish the binding. Plus there appears to be maybe another hundred books that haven’t been collated; they’re just boxes of pages. There are enough covers to put maybe three or four covers on each book, front and back, which would make the book thicker and give it more impressive heft, but that would probably be stupid.

I should figure out what to do with over a million little round pieces of paper that were punched out to bind the books. The pieces from about 25 books is shown above, a tiny pile. I could compost them. Or use them as cat litter. I could celebrate the finishing of the books by tossing them in the air as confetti. Then clean up the mess with the new robotic vacuum. The possibilities are positively thrilling!

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