Saturday, August 23

Gone to a beautiful place…

This morning at around 3 o'clock, Adeline Smith quietly and peacefully left this earth. She was 93. Daughter Karla and long-time family friend, Susie Hickman were with her. As Karla described it, they both noticed a stillness. During the night Karla had felt the very strong presence of Adeline’s mother, Sophia. In her last days, Adeline spoke with many long-gone friends and family from her past, often in Swedish. When she was asked what she had seen, she responded that it was so peaceful, so beautiful.

On June 20, Adeline’s birthday, we accompanied her on a helicopter ride from the ranch in Ahwahnee to her beloved high-country ranch at Blayney Meadow. She stayed there until a couple of weeks ago. Then, her health failing, she was evacuated via helicopter to the hospital in Clovis. During her stay dozens of family and friends came to visit, for which we are so grateful.

Her contribution to thousands of lives is cherished, and she will be missed.

Photo: Galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56; NASA


Susan said...

My heart goes out to you all at this time. I'd give each of you a giant hug if I was there.

Jeff Stephenson said...

So sorry to hear this. Adeline will be missed by all - she was a remarkable person.

By the way, this blog makes a beautiful Wordle (see