Thursday, August 7

Man on wire

The thing depicted in this film could only be more dangerous if it had taken place on September 11, 2001.

The download of the preview took many long minutes for me. This could simply be because my Internet connection is via satellite, and I have to run outside to shoo the California condors off the antenna because when they’re picking the cooties from their wing feathers they shade the antenna from the satellite and I can’t get a signal. I really hate to shoo them away because I think they’re after the cat. If you’re connected to something faster, this preview is worth the download time.

If you, like me, get tingly rubber legs when you see people doing really dangerous things at really dangerous heights, don’t watch. I wish I hadn’t, but then I’m a coward at heart. It won a prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. But I still wish I hadn’t watched. And this is only a preview!

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Susan said...

ARGHHHHHHH!! I thought living on the fifth floor of an apartment building with balconies was brave enough!!!!

Of course, I moved.

Tom Hurley said...

A couple of years ago Karla and I stayed at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco. We were on the 43rd floor and the windows literally went from floor to ceiling. Great view, but an eerie feeling for sure.

There was the story of a real estate agent in Manhattan showing a new apartment to prospective clients. Same kind of windows, and they were concerned for their safety. The agent laughed, walked over to the window and pushed on it with his hand. It popped out and he fell to the street. He died, of course.

Susan said...

ARGHHHH!!! Again.