Tuesday, August 12

Oil price falling!

Great news! With oil prices falling, we can soon expect to pay less at the pump to fill our cars and trucks.

Rumor has it that with prices falling at the current rate, in about three weeks we will be able to drive in to a gas station and fill up and get free money! I have it on good authority that if you fill a large near-empty fuel tank you can get as much as $50. In cash!

If you bring in your own 55-gallon drum, they will fill it and give you up to $75! But at the supermarket you will have to pay over eight dollars for an ear of corn. Popcorn in theaters now costs more than twice the ticket for the movie. Butter and salt is extra. But I guess it’s all part of maintaining balance. I’m so pleased that our government is working to achieve balance. Give a little here; take a little there. It all balances out and everyone is happy. In the end, everyone’s ox is gored, but in turn, evenly, over time. Happy, happy.