Wednesday, August 6

Telegraph fire is out?

It’s funny, you can get conflicting data on something that should be either yes or no. Depending on where you look, the Telegraph fire is out, or 95% controlled, or 100% contained but not out. There are still over a thousand people milling around with hoses and shovels and axes and chainsaws and bulldozers and helicopters and trucks and buckets. So I guess it’s as out as it can be if you don’t count the parts of it that are still burning but not a threat to the surroundings. It might be a good idea to let areas burn that don’t pose a threat to anything else. Smooth off the land so nothing sticks up high enough to catch fire. It puts all the minerals the trees and brush took up for the last hundred years back into the ground. All we need now is enormous rainstorms to wash everything off the hillsides into the canyons and streams and rivers causing huge mudslides. Ah, nature. How wonderful things are when we mess with the fire cycle. Thank you, Gifford Pinchot!

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Susan said...

I'm really glad you are out from under the threat of this particular fire. Stay cool. And keep your gumboots handy in case there's a mudslide anytime soon.