Friday, May 15


The small light-colored object to the left of center is Karla. We re-visited California’s largest oak tree on Sunday, Mothers Day. The tree shades a half-acre and is a major producer of acorns; the ground under the tree has thousands of them. I picked up another batch in order to try to grow a huge tree (the last batch sprouted, but died before they achieved hugeness). I don’t know if this tree has been formally aged by a qualified dendrochronologist, but just looking at it anecdotally, I would say it’s about fifty thousand years old, maybe a hundred. The firewood from this baby could heat a city of 100,000 people for two years, or be made into biofuel to run ten thousand cars till their warranties expire and still leave enough fuel to run enough chain saws to cut another equivalent number of trees to…

We’re talking BIG!

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