Wednesday, May 6

Object of desire

There’s an outfit in Arizona that makes the best decorative tiles! We have bought several of their products over the years in places all over the West. New Mexico, Arizona, even California! We finally found them on the Internet and contacted them to produce some tiles for our place at Florence Lake. Today they sent me a proof of a design I whipped up at the behest of Karla, and I think it will be a super seller. It measures 6 by 6 inches, the standard size for an Italian terra cotta tile. The colors are hand applied in nice thick glazes and the tile is indestructible in normal use. Our initial order is a little over a hundred, but I have the feeling we’ll be re-ordering a whole lot!

Also, we have a couple hundred refrigerator magnets coming with the same design. Wow.


Praying Horse said...

Great design - fantastic color choices!

Hhhorses said...

I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Susan said...

Looks great to me!