Thursday, May 14

Flat! Drat!

Finally! Something worth blogging about! Nothing else has been happening: another batch of horses and mules came home; we ran across six baby birds, a few hundred tadpoles, a baby mouse, and a rattlesnake when taking the tarp off the haystack; the pigs decimated the spring that feeds the horse trough; Karla and I went to the annual Mother's Day flower show at the local iris farm, and visited California’s biggest oak tree (it shades about a half-acre).

But yesterday, coming back from the Big City with our 1,000 bandanas with a hiker’s map of our area custom printed, some new kitchen equipment for the high ranch, tons (almost literally) of new bedding for the log cabins, we got out of the SUV and Karla heard hissing. Not a snake, a tire! This makes the third tire in three days to go flat! One on each of two trucks and this car. We have been doing work on our road, and must have unearthed a cache of nails. Gotta get it fixed.

Finally, something to do!

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