Monday, May 25

Release day

Sorry I don’t have a picture for this, but today was release day of Biggie. Karla and I headed for the Big City to do some Big Stuff and took the Big Rattlesnake with us. He had spent several days living in the wood shed. Every day I took the lid off his bucket and fanned some fresh air in to keep him happy (yeah, right). So on an obscure corner on an obscure unpaved road off in the boonies we parked alongside the road, turned the engine off (to be able to hear oncoming traffic) and snuck to the dropoff edge of the road with the bucket. I pried the lid loose. As I pulled the lid away the first thing I saw right at the rim of the bucket was a flicking tongue. I tilted the bucket and out slid a sight to behold! This thing was huge! At least four feet long, and fat! I was more impressed than when I first nabbed this snake, and think it was one I saw last year on our place but couldn’t capture. Gorgeous, terrifying critters. I’m sure glad they don’t give me chills, but during the summertime, that could be handy.

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