Friday, May 15

Dog with headache

Sioux, official mascot of Blind Dog Coffee Roasters, is enjoying a much needed rest with an ice bag on her head. It seems she is simply exhausted after posing for Blind Dog’s latest label for their French Roast (Double up on Double Dark!) coffee which depicts a horse and rider lassoing and pulling down the Eiffel Tower. In the label picture, Sioux is observing this insanity from a hot air balloon. It turns out she is bothered by the combination of noisy propane burners and flaky aerial conveyances.

Look for the coffee at your local gourmet coffee store. It’s Sioux’s favorite!


HHhorses said...

Oh no, poor mascot! I'll show the Blind Dog people when they get home so they can see how their mascot is doing.

Every 7th Day said...

This is how I sleep on a normal hot-air balloon-free day. Good to see that other discriminating nappers use the same technique.